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A guest who dropped in to tell us about "AMARUCA".

Thread What is America?

What is America or known esoterically as AMARUCA. Is America the Jerusalem of today? In many circles we are the melting pot of future devine reflections of that which is shaped like the wind.If different religions exist because of the many characteristics of our human self,Why can we not break free of ignorance and feel the truth from all aspects of lifes great manifestations?

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Thread I'm back.

Given your opinion of homosexuality I was just wondered what your opinion on the following is:

Masterbation, divorce, contraception, abortion, sex outside of marriage and illegitimacy?

All of the above are sins. It is sinful to have an illegitamate child but the child is of course not responsible. Hope this helps.

Thread I'm back.

w4c2, why is masturbation a sin?

Because it gives sexual pleasure and one can only experience that during intercourse with a woman you have married.

Is it wrong to have wet dreams, too?

Yes wet dreams are sign that you are thinking about sex.

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from "Articles for forum" section of the shock-site
/Original is written in Russian/


Supermind (Cosmic Server) grants its Officers the right to independent creative research, even though it may be a mistake and its result is known beforehand. But it is better that the Radiant Man or a Great Teacher of The Universe tries all this for himself in practice, so that everyone could see and know the results all this leads to. One of such striking examples is the mission of Jesus Christ. It shows in practice one of the mistaken ways of the development of Open Cosmos - "The Way of the Penitent Sinner". (See the glossary of terms for the articles for forum and "Digest" ).

Once one of The Great Teachers of The Universe made a suggestion. Its essence was the following: if the penitent sinner (that is strictly involutionary consciousness) has made a firm decision to embark on the way of The Supermind (if he is helped as much as the candidate for the Radiant Man would), then he will never turn off it. Under the condition that his spiritual development is closely monitored by Representatives of Top Hierarchy of The Supermind, i.e. its Avatars. That was the version of "The Way of the Penitent Sinner". To realize this "Penitent Sinner" version, The Great Teacher of Universe, Jesus Christ, sacrificed his life, had brought and demonstrated by his own example how one should act in accordance with the principle "Lord, Your Will is Omnipotent, Yours but not mine! So be it!" That is, that body is nothing but a puppet-marionette, which must be controlled from above to maximize the efficiency of its work, obeying The Second Cosmic System of Control. He showed to the penitent sinners The Way to the Immortality of The Supermind's Omniscience, teaching them in practice to live on a reflected light (to live for others, but not for themselves) with utter non-attachment to the results of their deeds.

Jesus Christ was allowed to take any disciples without preliminary check on hardness of their Moral-Ethical Foundations, that is to his own taste.Normally, the Spiritual Teacher is obliged to check his disciples (before making them acquainted with the Supermind's sphere of activities) purity of intent (as well as their Faith and Dedication to Him) until He is fully aware of their moral readiness. This will allow to avoid many troubles on the spiritual plane further on.

The repentant sinner, having acquired the knowledge brought by Christ, was obliged to follow only this way, never swerving from the course, - be always and everywhere no less than a Christ, what none of his "disciples" (apostles) and fellow-travellers never did. They were simply unable to understand their Spiritual Teacher - because of their obtuseness and total absence of moral-ethical slogs of their Faith and Dedication to Him. All Christ apostles are just funny and rueful parodies on spiritual disciples.

They distorted a teaching of their Teacher, having practically understood nothing due to their stupidity, obtuseness and greed, in any of its forms and manifestations. The key point of the christiniaty says: one must live for others, that is to live on reflected light according to the principle "You'll reap what you sowed", with complete capitulation before the Highest, every second submitting yourself to His rule (without any attachment to the results of your deeds, without the slightest interest in any objects and thoughts constructions in crude or fine forms, especially in the field of psychical powers)

As soon as a prostitute Mary Magdalen became fed up with one thing, she sought the other: spiritual prestige. One place is not scabby - the other one is itchy: for any whore prestige is above all - that is her essence and a beginning of the catastrophic fall.

Selection of disciples without testing them - in the hope that, having repented, they would never swerve of the Way, - brings nothing but misfortune for them and those around. The one who can go on a spiritual way without imitating somebody or something, but being always a Christ, can develop along the evolution absolutely freely and securely.

The symbol of a cross - is a symbol of a body, on which all its wishes are crucified, and a call signal for the workers of the "hot workshop". After receiving it, they commute the penitent sinner to the direction his soul seeks, adding to that spiritual energy, which automatically leads the immature consciousness to build up of its thoughts-and-wishes. That is why persons, who have set forth on the way of evolution, should firmly follow it, for one step aside - and you are in the abyss, overpowered by your negative thoughts-and-wishes. "Man is created in God's own image". That is why like God he will be responsible for everything that is going on in the world!

Religious fasting - is not a combined vegetarian gormandize, but, first of all, fasting - Dry Fasting. That is curative and preventive fasting without taking inside water and food, because it is only after at least 7-10 days when negative entities, feeling their ruination under the absence of food, start leaving you. Under the condition that in doing so you also theoretically and practically bring "Peace, Happiness to All!", while being among mundane vanity amidst negative vibrations, generated by people. This is where the consciousnesses, parasitizing on you, are easily finding for themselves kindred agglomerations, where they can go. During carrying out of dry fasting it is allowed only to rinse and wash the mouth, the nose and the whole body to enable more complete cleaning of the organism from excreting toxins, as well as for strengthening the functioning of the skin. In case of carrying out the fasting on only water all your "treasures" will remain with you.

Out of all the plays going on the planet now, the mission of Christ (besides verification in practice the falsity of "The Way of the Penitent Sinner" theory) was to show that the wrong religious education preaching racial supremacy of a God's chosen nation carries the seeds of its own death, - because of the rigidity of the construction in percepting the world and due to misundertsanding of the truths picked up from everywhere, but not realized the hard way, through personal experience. For all Moses's books - is just a continuous conglomerate made up of such wisdoms, without their real comprehension, and with an addition of priests' phantasies which turned everything upside-down. For Moses himself had never reached Enlightening. That is why everything that was and is happening with the followers of the Bible and Christianity - is a consequence of the rotten foundation, which brought forth all the existing mischiefs of thermonuclear, ecological and social catastrophes. The Religious Path, short as it is in the Earth conditions, is not an easy, sightseeing tour, and no one has the right to peddle Christ's ideas, and ideas of other religions, without their true understanding. For the true education of a Radiant Man takes numerous expansions and compressions of the Universe.

The main mistake of the Islam is that first it is required to ideally slog in oneself the Selflessness of Jesus Christ, and only after that it is possible to build up military-economic disciplines. For personal Happiness of any individuum lies in the Happiness of others, and that means only one thing: one must become the Warrior of Spirit, to be despised and spit on by everybody, to be humiliated and insulted during one's life. It is not for vain that there is a saying: "The more you will open your soul, the more they will spit into it." But for a real fighter it is only a tempering to educate in oneself the Great Impartiality. This is conscious letting through oneself of all the negative and positive vibrations. This is an ability of self-command under the most severe extreme situations. All this qualities are polished only for one reason: that the consciousness which received at its disposal the military sidhies of the Open Cosmos would not use them for selfish interests, but only in case of utmost necessity.

But Islam gave rise to Sufism, which gave more Enlightened than Judaism and Christianity together. And that will give it, as to the future victor, some advantage in the fight of polarities for their survival. Therefore, there exist a real timing factor for the best and smartest representatives of Islam to change themselves during the transition of planet's inhabitants to the next loop of evolution.

Posted by Vitalij
shock-site "Earth - the planet of biorobots"


I am planning to shoot the movie "Earth - the planet of biorobots", described in "Questions answered" section of the shock-site. Not sure about all the details yet and am trying to crystallize them. Any volunteers for extras? - Vitalij

The subject is the Knowledge that is currently really missing.

The man is a biomachine made to grow out of ordinary Consciousness the Consciousness of The Creator of Universes or galactic fuel. He was created in God's own image, so like God he will be responsible for everything that's going on in the world.

/Original is written in Russian/

Is it possible not in words but by deeds to test that any man on a planet really is a biorobot, and how it can be realized in practice?

There is nothing more simple. What will be required for that is videocamera or any professional audio and videorecording equipment, and also a group of volunteers ready to act as extras in a sensational documentary film, addressing the most burning issue of all times and peoples "Earth - The Planet of Biorobots". But the experiment has to be clear from any sorts of false rumours and idle talks. That is why the initiative should originate from you, but not from me or my Chief.

Any space apparatus, investigating the surface of the Moon, Mars or any space object, usually, has two systems of control: autonomous and remote one. In autonomous regime it carries out its earlier set forth task, according to the preinstalled metaprogram of some specific actions and instructions. Remote control from the Earth enables to make corrections in the actions of space apparatus or to completely take over the control of all the functions. If you will watch all the manipulations of the apparatus as a side observer, it will be very difficult to define under which system of control (autonomous or remote) it is at.

Biomachine of a "Man" type also has autonomous and remote systems of control. Autonomous system is governed by the karmic program of its actions (scenic role on planet Earth, education, family and religious-social relations, as well as a complex chain of karmic interactions between people and truly existing reality, etc., etc.). That is, a man is a sort of small home-based computer, not connected to global Internet network. Therefore, he must content himself only with programs and technical capabilities of his aggregate. But if he succeeds to get connected to Cosmic Internet or to one of its Cosmic Servers, the range of his actions and technical capabilities sharply increases, and small township earthbound computer turns into receptacle and conductor of gigantic sections of Cosmic Knowledges.

When connection to Cosmic Internet takes place on a permanent basis, he acquires unique name-identifier (for example, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao-Tse, Osho, Krishna etc., etc.), which defines his hierarchical place in Space and sections of Cosmic Knowledges available for his work on the planets of Earth type under the guidance from Cosmic Server. It enables him to throw off all the mental junk of humankind and reclaim on practice limitless lodes of Cosmic Wisdom. But in outward appearance, it is practically impossible to define under which system of control such a man is. That is why it is sincerely pity for Jesus Christ, who was trying to explain to people that there is no his personal merit in all his actions during the healings and other various miracles. That he is usual biorobot (puppet-marionette), which is under remote control from the side of Cosmic Server. That is why everywhere and all the time there was his stereotype phrase: "Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing". But this problem cannot be solved in words: it has to be solved inside on the basis of personal practical experience. The language of words is useless here.

It will take about 5-6 working days to shoot a documentary film "Earth - The Planet of Biorobots", with 2-3 hours of crowd scenes a day. 2-3 days will be dedicated to learn the technique of Cosmic Relaxation and some of its specific features, the rest of the days being given at film crue's disposal. For the role of extras it would be best to have young people of both sexes aged between 18 and 30, who are practising energetic variants of martial arts of aikido, kung-fu etc., etc. type. This is because usually they have at least some notion about meditation and moral-ethical principles of their schools and teachers. Before the days of shooting the film all the extras will have to, at least on theoretical level, familiarize themselves with the sections "Cosmic Relaxation" and "Purification Procedures" of the book "Cynicism of Cosmic Wisdom" by Sat Guru Avatar Majtreya. During the exercises and shooting of the film, all the participants of this event will familiarize themselves with such technical capabilities of the demonstrational model of connection to Cosmic Server, which Great Enlightened did not even dream about. All these capabilities, in their extended mode, are intended for People of the future Golden Age. Golden Age will come, but for those who will survive in this pandemic of human Insanity.



SARS (atypical pneumonia).

If we consider this mimicking illness and other alike adversities, the preliminary informations about their manifestation are coming from the extraterrestrial satellite systems already for not the first year. And this is just the forerunners of the forthcoming Windstorm. This is the consequence (but not the cause) of abusing the nature and moral-ethical principles. Which by itself constitutes the inviolable fundament of modern science and medicine, including various illiterate methods of modern occultists and magicians. Especially harmful for the health of people is the use of hypnosis, the consequences of which are echoed in more than one generation. SARS is one of such typical examples.

From the Laws of the Open Cosmos point of view, any use (both positive and negative) of the hypnosis is considered as one of the most severe crimes, roughly intruding the psyche and therefore violating the Sacred Will of a man in his choice of the spiritual path for development. There is no necessity in practical use of the hypnosis by outside persons, for any man from the moment of his birth possess the ability of selfhypnosis that can be used for strengthening health and willpower.

In the future atypical pneumonia can go over into more severe form with corresponding signs. Unhealthy and broadening pustular infectious wounds may start appearing on the face and the body. That may urge medical practitioners to treat informatory data received from the satellite systems more seriously. The treatment of atypical pneumonia on this stage does not require gigantic economic spendings. For example, to successfully fight this illness the following methodology can be used.

Stand up facing the East (those who are seriously ill and haggard people can carry out the curative complex sitting, to lessen the dizziness, but it would be better to do it standing). Place in front of you a mirror of any size. Close your eyes and when doing so observe the state of the head's upper part. Judging by internal feeling, it can be a bit heavy. Having put the palm of one hand on the abdomen, and the rear side of the other hand onto the back, make with them circular movements into different sides, periodically swapping hands. What is important is the constant position: the palm of one hand must always adjoin the abdomen, and corresponding rear part of the other hand - the back. Time factor for this exercise is not specified intentionally, because the more you work, the quicker your blood and corresponding energy exchange of the organism will be restored. On crude physical plan that will be revealed through medical analyses. In case of remaining coughing effects additional course of treatment using antibiotics can be applied.

Make sure to drink diuretic herbs. Do not lower the fewer if it exists. But even better - do not even try measuring fewer so as not to psychologically go outside the boundaries of strengthening defensive functions of the organism. To ease your condition the body can be rubbed with a mix of vodka with vinegar. When the illness will begin to ease up, a good long sleep is necessary, make sure to take your time for that. It is desirable to walk barefoot as much as possible and to periodically perform at least short term dry fasts, that is fasting without taking inside the organism of any water or food. That will help portly people to reduce weight a bit, which is very important after such a serious illness.


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Thread A New Discovery

This is muddled reasoning at best. If, to prove that a choice existed at time T, we need to go back to time T and demonstrate it, then this is true for all historical data. We might as well ask a biologist to go back in time and demonstrate how this species evolved from that species. It is a complete waste of time.

You cannot deny that we make choices (however illusory those choices are on the neurological or metaphysical level). You can deny technical meanings of free will, but not by claiming that I can't go back in the past to prove it.

I do not deny that we make choices, but the choices are not free. I will explain why in my next post. All he is saying here is that no matter what meanings we attach to free will, and no matter how hard we try to prove those meanings to be true, we cannot prove it mathematically because we cannot turn back the clock. Which means that we cannot prove determinism false, because then that would prove free will true and it was just shown that this cannot be done. But we still can prove determinism true according to this equation.

Thread A New Discovery

Francois, I'm going to start tomorrow. It's rather late but it's later where you are. I wonder where you live? I will say goodnight with these words that end the introduction. If you feel it's too long, you don't really have to read it to understand my next post. I just thought you might be interested.

There is an ironic twist here for if all evils of our world no longer exist how happy would certain professions be to know that their services will no longer be needed. Shouldn’t this news make those individuals very happy who have been trying to correct the problems of the world? If the cry of the clergy is ‘Faith in God’, isn’t it obvious that the priesthood would rather see an end to all sin than to preach against it and shrive the sinners in the confessional. They should be simply thrilled at the miracle God (all I mean by God is the power that has given us this immutable law of our nature) is about to perform, even though it means putting them out of work. Isn’t it true that politicians, statesman, the leaders of the world in general would much rather see an end to all war and crime than to retaliate ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?’ If the Communist and Capitalist governments are truly interested in the welfare of their people, then just imagine how excited they will be to learn that the most perfect relations between all men will soon be a reality even though it makes their services unnecessary. If a writer is just about ready to submit his book to the public for the purpose of revealing knowledge on how to raise children or live together in greater harmony as man and wife, he will be absolutely in ecstasy to learn that God is going to bring about such perfect harmony in a short time that all books purporting to do this very thing won’t have any more value.

There is a good deal of irony to this Great Transition for it reveals how completely dishonest we were compelled to be with ourselves and others. A salesman is happy to make a sale when he works on commission, but if he found out that another salesman beat him to the punch he would be disappointed even though the person derived whatever benefits were promised at the time of purchase. The only difference between a salesman selling books and a doctor, theologian, etc. is that the former must convince only his prospects while the latter must also convince themselves. A salesman is not interested if anyone uses his product, just so he is paid a commission. Doctors and theologians and those in the helping professions are compelled to justify that they know what they are advising and treating, otherwise, they could never accept a fee, gratuity, or income for their service. Someone who struggles to earn a living such as a salesman where the risk of injury is virtually nonexistent doesn’t need the same kind of justification, and will even steal with a clear conscience. Though we would all like to see an end to evil, there are two issues that need to be considered.

No one could be pleased if their source of income was taken away as well as the very thing that gives meaning to their existence. Doctors are sincerely interested in making their patients well, but they want to be the ones to do it. Religion would like to see us delivered from evil, but in some manner that confirms what has been looked for – Judgment Day. The Chinese government would like to see an end to all evil, but in terms of communism. Is it possible for the supporters of socialism and communism to relinquish the thought that they are right, when they think they are not wrong? Politicians would like to see an end to all evil, but they want to find the solution. Would it be possible for the leaders of capitalism to willingly resign their jobs when they think their services are no longer required? How is it humanly possible for the organizations that fight for peace, for health, for security; those that wage a war against the evils of humanity to be sincerely happy about the very removal of the things they need for their ultimate satisfaction? As we have seen, new knowledge is not always welcome when it comes from an ‘outsider.’ Everybody would like to see a great change, “I have a dream” said Dr. Martin Luther King, “this view from the mountain top, but no one desires any intruders or interlopers.”

These individuals, who at present control the thinking of mankind, set up a fallacious standard for the conscious purpose of protecting themselves against others and will react with hostility towards anything that shows they may be wrong, unless it is presented in such a mathematical manner that it is impossible to disagree without revealing a still greater ignorance. If this book was not a mathematical revelation – which scientists will soon confirm – what do you think the clergy, the government, the medical and teaching professions, and many others would do if they thought for one moment this work was someone’s opinion that threatened their security, power, and leadership position in world affairs? They would tear this book to shreds. This discovery has incurred the wrath of the Establishment because it threatens the status quo and upsets the applecart. No one wants to willingly admit they don’t have the answer. The fact remains that these ‘educated’ people are actually trying to solve problems that are very much over their heads and what is being revealed to them is only a method to accomplish the very things they have been attempting to do, without success.

Shouldn’t a psychiatrist welcome any knowledge that would help him in the treatment of his patients, even if it meant the removal of psychiatry? If 50 patients were to call their psychiatrist one morning with the most wonderful news, that they were completely healed overnight, as if by miracle, shouldn’t that make him very happy because this is what he was trying to do? Then why shouldn’t he be happy if someone helps to accomplish what he has been unable to in spite of all the latest therapies? If you are having a difficult time changing a tire and I walk over to lend you a hand, wouldn’t you appreciate this? I certainly would. Why shouldn’t a psychiatrist or any kind of doctor welcome my services if I can get rid of illness on a large scale? However, there is another side of a doctor’s unhappiness. If I reveal that the medical profession itself is partly responsible for a great percentage of all the sickness that exists, and in the effort to heal they may actually be causing harm, they wouldn’t be very happy to hear this news.

The unfortunate irony is that those endeavoring to correct our ills appear to be cutting off the heads of a diseased hydra – the more psychiatrists we graduate the greater becomes our mental illness; the more policemen and moralists we have the greater and more prevalent become our crimes; the more diplomats, statesmen, generals and armies we have for the prevention of international conflict the greater and more destructive become our wars. And as an expedient to the situation we find ourselves being taxed to death while our cost of living steadily rises. Wouldn’t you like to see an end to all this?

If all the people in the world who get displaced because their services are no longer needed were to know as a matter of undeniable knowledge that the income necessary to sustain their standard of living, whatever the cost, would never be stopped as long as they live, would they have any reason to complain about someone showing them a better way – the only way to accomplish that for which they are getting paid? Although they and others will be dissatisfied to learn the truth when it deprives them of personal fulfillment, they are compelled to be silent because to utter any words in protest would only reveal their ignorance which will give them no satisfaction. But before I begin, I would like to ask you the following questions. Do you want war or peace, unhappiness or happiness, insecurity or security, sickness or health? Do you prefer losing the one you have fallen in love with, or winning and living happily ever after? Since I know that happiness is preferable to unhappiness, health to sickness, I shall now begin a revelation of knowledge which no one will be able to deny providing the relations are understood.

As you read the following text, remember Socrates’ words: “Know thyself.” This wise saying is just as relevant for today’s world as it was in his day, for to truly know ourselves – which we are just beginning to do – we are given the ability to understand our ultimate nature and use it for our betterment. It is now within our power to reach that mountaintop by overcoming all of the obstacles standing in the way of a Golden Age we have all hoped and dreamed would one day become a reality.

Thread A New Discovery

Because everything is going to be so different. You cannot envision all of the changes that will take place. There will be no more racism as we approach the timeline that this new world will come about. You are projecting what will occur based on 'this world'. It cannot be done. Why would Y insult anyone if he is a citizen? He will be striking the first blow, and he won't desire this knowing that he will not be blamed for this, and the fact that he will be receiving a guaranteed income based on his promise that he would not strike any first blows when becoming a citizen. He wouldn't be able to justify this; so X would not have to retaliate.

How could Y cheat with his wife when all this is coming to an end? That would be a retaliatory action, which would be justified. When there are no more divorces, how can there be adultery? This is going to be an impossible feat for me because you haven't read the book. I will go on a little further, but not too long as I can see the writing on the wall. It's not your fault; it's the inadequacy of the method of communication.

They reasoned that since it takes longer for the sound from an airplane to reach us when 15,000 feet away than when 5000; and since it takes longer for light to reach us the farther it is away when starting its journey, light and sound must function alike in other respects – which is false – although it is true that the farther away we are from the source of sound the fainter it becomes, as light becomes dimmer when its source is farther away. But the sound from a plane even though we can’t see it on a clear day will tell us it is in the sky; but why can’t we see the plane if an image is being reflected toward the eyes on the waves of light? The answer is very simple. An image is not being reflected. We cannot see the plane simply because the distance reduced its size to where it was impossible to see it with the naked eye, but we could see it with a telescope. We can’t see bacteria either with the naked eye, but we can through a microscope.

The actual reason we are able to see the moon is because there is enough light present and it is large enough to be seen. The explanation as to why the sun looks to be the size of the moon – although much larger – is because it is much much farther away, which is the reason it would look like a star to someone living on a planet the distance of Rigel. This proves conclusively that the distance between someone looking, and the object seen, has no relation to time because the images are not traveling towards the optic nerve on waves of light, therefore it takes no time to see the moon, the sun, and the distant stars. To paraphrase this another way; if you could sit upon the star Rigel with a telescope powerful enough to see me writing this very moment, you would see me at the exact same time that a person sitting right next to me would – which brings us to another very interesting point. If I couldn’t see you standing right next to me because we were living in total darkness since the sun had not yet been turned on but God was scheduled to flip the switch at 12 noon, we would be able to see the sun instantly – at that very moment – although we would not be able to see each other for 8 minutes afterwards. The sun at 12 noon would look exactly like a large star; the only difference being that in 8 minutes we would have light with which to see each other because the stars are so far away that their light diminishes before it gets to us. Upon hearing this explanation, someone asked, “If we don’t need light around us to see the stars, would we need light around us to see the sun turned on at 12 noon?”

Once the light is here it remains here because the molecules of light emitted by the constant energy of the sun surround us. When the earth rotates on its axis so the section on which we live is in darkness, this only means the molecules of light are on the other side. When our rotation allows the sun to smile on us again this does not mean that it takes another eight minutes for this light to reach us because these molecules are already present. If the sun were to explode while we were looking at it we would see it the instant it happened, not 8 minutes later. We are able to see the moon, the sun, the distant stars, etc., not because the one is 3 seconds away, the other 8 minutes away, and the last many light years away, but simply because these objects are large enough to be seen at their great distance when enough light is present. This fallacy has come into existence because the eyes were considered a sense organ, like the ears. Since it takes longer for the sound from an airplane to reach our ears when it is a thousand feet away than when five thousand, it was assumed that the same thing occurred with the object sending a picture of itself on the wings of light. If it was possible to transmit a television picture from the earth to a planet as far away as the star Rigel, it is true that the people living there would be seeing the ships of Columbus coming into America for the first time because the picture would be in the process of being transmitted through space at a certain rate of speed.

But objects do not send out pictures that travel through space and impinge on the optic nerve. We see objects directly by looking at them, and it takes the same length of time to see an airplane, the moon, the sun, or distant stars. To sum this up – just as we have often observed that a marching band is out of step to the beat when seen from a distance because the sound reaches our ears after a step has been taken, so likewise, if we could see someone talking on the moon via a telescope and hear his voice on radio we would see his lips move instantly but not hear the corresponding sound for approximately 3 seconds later due to the fact that the sound of his voice is traveling 186,000 miles a second, but our gaze is not nor is an electric image of his lips impinging on our optic nerve after traversing this distance.

Because Aristotle assumed the eyes functioned like the other four and the scientific community assumed he was right, it made all their reasoning fit what appeared to be undeniable. According to their thinking, how else was it possible for knowledge to reach us through our eyes when they were compelled to believe that man had five senses? Were they given any choice? Let me prove, in still another way, that the eyes are not a sense organ.

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No comments necessary.

Thread Princess/Knight

People want to know who I am, so I'm telling you who I am.


It's like I drew this straw for being born. OK?

I am a bastard noble, and the reason I was born, and the way I discovered my nobility are both reasons for understanding the world of today and the culture that has been eroding. Many have covertly watched my life to this time. None of these were ever completely on my side, but they were all separate factions from each other that let me survive by protecting me from each other.

As I understand my mission, I was to bring understanding to these diverse peoples, and by doing so, attain identity. This is coercive and illegal, and many governments and religions are certainly guilty of participating in this crime against me. However, the fact remains that for me to have righteous marriage, I must have true, certifiable identity.

Truth is something that is discoverable by faithful people. Many are faithful to me, and faithful to their children, to whom I am someone they define as they would.

My hope is that you will all understand is this:

I am the one who kept my faith.

I kept my faith in my antagonists, as well as my friends. I kept my faith in Christians, as well as Muslims and Jews. I kept my faith in Americans, Europeans, Asians, and everybody I knew or could know. Ultimately, I kept my faith in myself, and my belief that through all of these trials, I would find a good life, and family.

So here is who I am:

I am a true Christian lesbian, baptized Anglican in the Conregational Chrurch.
Born the bastard son of Otto von Habsburg just before the Ides of March in 1956.
I was ascended by angel leprosy in 1963.
Offended with a knife to my head at the age of three or four. I was converted to Islam by the spirits of the angel kings.
I invented the concept for understanding complex data structures, such as XML
I was the best breeder of my flock, I was denied angel rights.
I was righteously ascened by transsexuality on the day that Jihad (Desert Storm) started.
I was a righteous faithkeeper who diagnosed the racism that caused the major American scandels of the 80s and 90s.
I came to faith, Yods, and the braid of faith on March 25, 2001, a witnessed event that caused me to have purple spots on the outer edges of my eyes.
I went to The Hague, and purge the demons of Henry IV and the African Gaia upon the racism of the UN.
I declared war, and stole Norway's flag from their Embasy. I earned the rights and bred Queen Beatrix of Holland.
I was asended to Princess/Knight, I would not allow them to make me Priest/King. There cannot be a Priest/King without a Princess/Knight.
I claimed Den Haag for Eastern France (Lyon) to divide France.
I returned in handcuffs, and rolled over the cult that killed the Anglicans in America.
I am the acting Director of the Centrall Intelligence Agency.
I declared Colin Powell an irrellevant racist to my organization.
I am directly by males from Saint King Louis IX.
I am a righteously triple-ascended archangel breeder, and I will marry a righteous woman.

You need to understand how governments work together and that this is what reality is:
I am the Director of Central Intelligence
I have never worked for the CIA, I will never work for the CIA.. The DCI works for Central Intelligence, not for the CIA.
Rita Hill of Earth, Princess/Knight

Thread Liberation From Tyranny

Liberation From Tyranny

By Rita Hill, Princess/Knight of the Golden Fleece



Social scientist Clifford Geertz posits that good anthropologists should be “positioned observers”. I am definitely a positioned observer: an archangel breeder with the hybridity of the medieval Habsburgs, here now to marry my bride, and with her, to raise our family. Past 45 years of age, and righteously ascended, these are my angel rights that cannot be revoked. My birthright and nobility have given me claim to the title Princess/Knight. With that, let me put aside my biography, and examine civilization and the Law of Nations.

There are mathematicians who understand chaos, order, and complexity. This knowledge informs psychologists, anthropologists and epidemiologists who apply these studies to the natural cycles of societies and ethnic groups. Some of this knowledge has been known for millennia, and written in The Bible, The Qur'an, The Talmud and other scriptures. Some of this information is studied in the social sciences.

The point of these religious and secular studies is that, at a certain point, order arrives out of chaos. There are myriad mechanisms which make this occur. Certain scholars believe their field most of all, so the most effective coalitions leave mechanism vague. What we are left with is a group of people working for a better world. According to my understanding, this is the deepest meaning of the word faith.

The Law of Nations

Pedagogical academia begins descriptions of The Law of Nations by transmuting it to The Law of Nature. This definition immediately creates an environment for money changers. People who are taught this tend also to believe this, and their perception of life is limited by artificial restriction.

In reality, The Law of Nations derives from The Law of Kings. This law is God’s Law and the primary principle which governs human kind separate from animals: the right to breed. This right is not absolute. Two people who love each other are not necessarily appropriate to have children together. Also, throughout recorded history, certain nobles have bred to allow more healthy children to be born.

Complexity in anthropology uses the mechanism of microscopic examination of macroscopic systems. The Law of Nations used this system, long before Complexity and Chaos Theory were declared fields of study. This is why the rights of the righteous breeder are of particular interest.

Countries follow predictable cycles, and democracy does often lead to tyranny. In this environment, breeding standards are often ignored, and the rights of the angel breeder are disrespected. The act of offending this person creates a dichotomy within the nobility. Some respect the current governing authority; others respect the rights of the righteous breeder. When this noble’s right to breed ascends every other law in the land, a kingdom is liberated, or born.

Establishment of Righteous Authority


Righteous authority becomes the government when a nation has been determined to be racist, in the original or clinical meaning of the word “racist”. Throughout history, nations have been created and chartered to support the races which are indigenous to their own soil. When one of these traditional races is threatened with extinction, a total sea change is signaled. This brings about the end of the existing government. To avoid violent collapse, procedures are followed to prevent the extinction of races.

The program for determining that a nation is not capable of sustaining one of its races should be incorporated with its charter. Standard protocol allows a country’s noble to declare such a nation to be racist. This assessment is then reviewed, and judgment passed.

In the case of righteous breeders, while there is resistance to their righteous marriages, there is racism. While this situation is occurring, bad government is shown which institutions are preventing righteous people from being married. Governments will learn that there will be mandated changes.

The final determination of racism having been made, the noble is ascended to ruler. Every institution will then learn the truth that the nation’s indigenous races teach them about breeding. Work may then begin in earnest to eliminate tyranny.

The Rights To Marry and To Breed

Marriage is instituted to prevent racism and sodomy.

People who marry are considered breeders. The couple are wed by a religious or secular authority approved by the nation where they marry. Such institutions should respect the ethnicity of the couple’s prospective progeny.

In order that children are allowed the same rights to breed as their parents, churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. create extended family communities for their people. So that people will have children who breed, institutions which perform marriages must honor local standards. To facilitate this, creeds of people are typically separated into communities.

Most religions of the world, divide themselves into such groups for their people. It is appropriate, for the purpose of vitality, to refer to these extended families as breed clans. People who are well bred belong to ascended (angel) races within their breed clans. Anglo angels are actually three races: angels, archangels, and archangel breeders.

When civilization descends into tyranny, marriage enforces and propagates racism. Other races prefer angels’ females, and covet them for childbearing. Over time, racist society attempts to redefine angel males as females. When successive generations interbreed for this reason, racial extinction is threatened.

Where endangered races breed, it is proper to limit the races which breed in a particular breed clan. In this way, the racial viability of a nation is maintained. The marriage therefore, is a union not only for the couple, but a contract that acknowledges the physical location (country, locality) which honors them. In this way, modern civilization reforms “nation” from military state to breeding region.



Angels are harsh victims in racism which impedes us in finding compatible mates. When male gender angels do not breed with female gender angels, same sex unions are unions of sodomy. Children born from these racist unions are almost always severe mutants, unable to breed. Additionally, conjugality between separate breed clans produces mutation. Interbreeding is not breeding; crossbreeding between disparate races causes escalating problems for succeeding generations of offspring. While tyranny continues, a social crisis ensues because when nations becomes racist, pseudo breed clans do not allow the appropriate people to be together.

Division is possible when society reaches catastrophe.

The process of division should not be performed as an overbearing act of government. Peoples divide naturally when they are simultaneously aware that chaos has peaked, and order is then appropriate to be restored. If chaos is sporadic, unsuccessful bifurcation, or explosion are the outcomes. Universal catastrophe however, has the potential to bring understanding and faith. This is the way that advanced societies should attempt division.

Consider the precursor to division as a wave that moves a society. The wave has peaks of chaos and troughs of order. Government in tyranny typically attempts to create a static state, but this is impossible when the peaks of chaos eliminate substantial order. There is a saturation point which occurs with racism, and the best case scenario is universal recognition that society has reached catastrophe. Proper governance here, should observe the natural inclinations of the peoples, foster trust with all of the parties, and act in good faith.

Thread Liberation From Tyranny

So angels are humans with chromosome abnormalities?


Angels are humans, and the concept of chromosome abnormalities is ironic. Humans require race to breed. Race requires angels' chromosomes.

That is not to say that people with less than three talking chromosomes are without race. Angels also breed with the people you call normal. People of the same breed clan have chromosomes that know about each others' chromosomes, including angels' chromosomes.

The concept of "breed clan" replaces the lay term for "race". We need to do this in order to explain races within breed clans. In reality, race is what is important in breeding. Gender is a secondary characteristic of race.

I was born with male gender. Now I have female sex, but I am still an archangel breeder of male gender. It is the chromosomes which breed together which people need to make children with.

Thread George Tent DCI Equals Rita Hill Archangel Breeder?

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life goals.

I'm a 48 year old intentional hybrid who really didn't know who I was until I became 45. People like me are called "angel breeders", because this has been the way we are for all of recorded time. Becoming aware of the circumstance of my genesis gave rise in me to indignation, and a desire to just be myself. This sets me on a road to liberate others so that I can achieve my own liberation in place and family. Peace, love, and understanding are more distant concepts.

My present goal is to liberate the town of Trinidad, Colorado, USA. This involves creating understanding that allows anglos and hispanics to endure side by side. We need to take back churches so this can happen.

2) Describe some of your hobbies.

I have a kiln and a potters wheel and I enjoy inventing glazes. I'm an accomplished software geek who used to work in silicon valley, and have a decent Macintosh system. I own a mountain cottage and an RV. Biking and hiking are hobbies I enjoy, though lately my physical activity involves calisthenics twice a day, and walking everywhere.

For a few years I have left my hobbies on the back burner, as my bliss has been taking me in a more cultural direction. I came to faith, and got my wings without the operating manual, so to speak. Oversteering the culture was a problem starting out, but I'm starting to feel comfortable. As an example, my admonishing of Colin Powell for improper use of the word "genocide" shows I'm capable of laid back culture tweaking.

3) On your personal web site, you refer to yourself as a "bastard noble". What does this mean?

My mom got pregnant with me in the summer of 1955, in Arcata, California. The sire with the chromosomes to make me with her is Otto von Habsburg. Otto is Regent Emperor, as opposed to Holy Roman Emperor. The Habsburg/Lorraine line was used, but the angel kings' blood was covertly reestablished in Otto. Therefore, the Emperor of Christendom actually derives his pedigree from me, as I am the first, third generation noble of Emperor Friedrich-Wilhelm III, who bred out of flock, disqualifying the next two generations from being noble solely by birth. I parted The Hague and am noble by deed.

By the way, I should probably stop calling myself "bastard", as Otto and my mother did a noble deed. Perhaps when the Windsors give up their gripe about the Richard I/ Louis VIII connection, I will be more properly respectful.

4) You use the words "angel-breeding" and "racist" in many of your posts. How would you personally define these terms?

angel-breeding -

For centuries, the concept of breeding made stable civilization. Breeders were not only a class, but a separate race. Dominae were both priest by birth, and the descendants of giants who looked like normal people. The breeders needed to be able to help infertile people breed without adding extra male or female characteristics to the progeny. We were born, bred, ascended, and reborn in a ritual written in the DNA that spoke to our angel breeder spirits.

Angel Breeder -

1) Sire of hybrids, particularly XYY males.
2) Breeder chosen by ethnic ritual.
3) Lamb, or breeder of angels, chosen by ritual written in the non-redacted Holy Bible.

Racist -

American people especially have a problem with this word. Post Modern culture collapses two concepts: racial intolerance, and racism into the word racism. The original word derives from angel culture, and was intended to mean "bad breeding", but took an unfortunate shot at dark people, and seems to have died by ricochet.

So, skin color aside, to understand racism, we need to come back to the concept of bad breeding. People will say that "bad breeding" is subjective, and this is true in relativism. What happens when people follow along with this logic is that when "bad breeding" is subjective, other concepts fall over like dominos. "Sodomy" ceases to exist without breeding ethics. More dominos related to breeding fall over, and relativism pays little attention when the domino "race" falls over as well.

However, what continues to happen without race is that eventually the "gender" domino has less resistance to fall than when it was the turn for "race" to topple. Without race, gender actually expands. What should be the classifications for the new people? Hermaphrodites, bisexuals, eunuchs, mutants, and so forth, need to understand what their place is. There is now more discrimination because breeding was disrespected. So it turns out that breeding must not be disregarded. People need to be able to think apart from relativism, because what is "bad breeding" cannot be debated in societies that honor marriage.

Back to the original question: What does "racist" mean? The answer is that "racist" must be defined by breed, and not subjectively. For my breed, that word is defined by one person: the highest breeder. Having claimed nobility and birthright in my flock, the word "racist" means exactly what I say that word means:

racist n - bad breeder.
racist v - bad breeding behavior.

5) Many FrostCloud members are completely baffled by what you write. Does this frustrate you in any way, or are you purposely trying to confuse people?

I'm not trying to confuse people. Let me just say that, in some ways, our dialogues are radical encounters. When my message sounds like the discordant theme of a fugue, please look twice before accusing me of being off topic.

When I feel frustrated here, it is because you have created a very high quality community, and connecting with some of these people gives me exhilaration, when that happens.

6) Many Christians find it sinful to have sexual relations with the same sex. Yet, you state in your profile that you're a "Christian lesbian". Does this bother you that many people of your same faith find your stance morally wrong?

I am an angel breeder, born, bred, and ascended to solve the problems caused by bad breeding. Bad breeding leads to homosexuality, I am the opposite of a bad breeder. Pity the racists who would bring on segregation for their bigotry. In my experience, their behavior changes when they meet me.

I recently enjoyed flirting with the woman I got to have significant monogamous relations status with. I earned a year to publicly do this as a noble, after doing my faithkeeper duty in The Hague. Let's see if dry, romantic comedy remains a valid genre.

The people who would deny my right to marry and love my wife do not understand Christianity as faith. The fact that these people have created so much racism that some now want to ignore angels' rights, tells the Christian world that this culture is not self governable.

Think good thoughts, build community with faith, and the revolution will be televised.

7) How do you see the world within the next 100 years?

Uncertainty is an issue, but I'll break down the next 100 years by organizing principle changes:

Present to 2005 - Cult of Racists

Culture war politics leads to the door of genocide, and the rising tide cannot be stem cell researched.

2005-2020 - Chaos Control

Freedom hits the wall, and the machine will not allow exodus from tyrannical power, so the cultists give way to sycophants. A counter intelligencia emerges with a politics that understands the flock of flocks (religions), as well as democratic principles. The effect of alternative energy on society begins another bifurcation process when non-traditionalists and anti-globalists form the coalition to upset the oil barons. When the system comes into balance, there is a return to statesmanship.

2020-2070 - Epochal Renaissance

After culture war politics loses all momentum, the world settles on a new organizing principle. The folks who don't like to say "Christian Civilization" will have their own ways of talking about everything.

2070-21?? - Managed Reformation

Peace, love, and understanding hit the wall, but some people know that is coming, so the energy has decent channels to explore. The result is productive freedom: enterprise. Meanwhile, nobles build castles by the faith of the counter reformation.